IPUS Brand Products

The IPUS brand IoT RAM product has been well adopted by everyone,
and those are now only available contracted and limited customers.

IPUS learnt technical trend on IoT equipment from our valued customers.
We will continue to develop our business in order to expand the market
for IoT devices. Please stay tuned.

The following table indicates most updated product status.

Please click "Inquiry" in the table, for the alternative parts.

Type Density Voltage Type Part number Product Status Inquiry
SQPI 32Mbit 1.8V IPS3204J-SQ Obsolete
64Mbit 3.3V IPS6404L-SQ for limited customers only Inquiry
1.8V IPS6404L-SQL
64Mbit* 3.3V IPS1704L-SQ Obsolete
1.8V IPS1704L-SQL