IPUS Brand Products

IPUS presents most updated product status in next table.
We will post new IoT related device very soon. Please stay tuned.

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Type Density Voltage Type Part number Product Status Data Sheet
SQPI 32Mbit 1.8V IPS3204J-SQ Obsolete
64Mbit 3.3V IPS6404L-SQ for limited customers only
1.8V IPS6404L-SQL In Production Data Sheet
64Mbit* 3.3V IPS1704L-SQ In Production Data Sheet
1.8V IPS1704L-SQL

* : IPS1704L-SQ, IPS1704L-SQL are prepared because of some market request.These products are same with IPS6404L-SQ and IPS6404L-SQL and 64Mbit density are tested at final test.